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Youth Now!

Simple Fitness, Nutrition, Lifestyle and Mindset Mods to Help You Rollback Time!

We all know that you need to workout to get the results you want, but not everyone is ready for workouts that amount to "insanity". While most of the "big boys" of fitness cater to the younger crowd, we designed our program with you in mind!

  • Created especially for those over 40!
  • Begin losing excess weight in a few short weeks!
  • Get your confidence back!
  • Nutrition ideas that won't leave you hungry
  • Enjoy fun activities you haven't done for years!

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Tony Morrison

Tony Morrison is the founder of Rollback Time Fitness, a website dedicated to Fitness and Nutrition for the 40-year-old and up crowd. He has been involved in athletic activities all his life and took up natural bodybuilding in 2000 when he was entering his 40’s as a fun way to help counter medical conditions he was experiencing. Studying and practicing physical fitness has been an important part of his life, even now in his late 50’s. He still works hard at staying fit, participating in weightlifting, running, cycling, and desert hiking.