It All Comes Down to Who You Are

Two men offered cigarettes decline the offer. One says, "No thanks, I don't smoke." The other says, "No thanks, I am trying to quit." Both men, whether consciously or unconsciously, gave statements of identity. The first is saying he is a non-smoker, and as such is not moved or tempted in any way to take the smoke. He is simply not going to smoke. The other has a whole different head game happening. He is saying that he is a smoker but is trying right now not to smoke. Because he identifies as a smoker, while he may successfully decline right now, unless he changes how he thinks about his identity, he will eventually smoke again.

This principle applies to our being healthy individuals. People who identify as healthy individuals, carry along with that a set of beliefs and practices and habits that reinforce this. This is the basis of the identity and it serves us as we move toward our vision of life. 

Have you seen an individual who is not just healthy but health conscious? If a person is young, sometimes it is difficult to determine. But for more mature people in their 40s, 50s and beyond you can tell. They have a certain appearance that stands out and it gives a definite message about how they live. These people eat certain foods and resist other foods. They move a certain way, They look a certain way. For sure, every aspect of this is intentional, and is not accidental.

These people are not fighting with food or looking for excuses to not workout. That is not to say that they sometimes don't have the same struggle sometimes, but through repetition, they have built an unconscious muscle that allows them to step past the natural temptation to just slug it out.  

The good news is that this can be you too! No matter what shape you are in, starting with your decision to become a healthy individual, you can begin down the same path. Determine that you are a healthy individual, and start asking questions:

What are the foods that a healthy person would eat?
What new activities do I get to incorporate into my life?
What are the other habits and practices of healthy people?
What must I avoid?

You must educate yourself about food, workouts, movement, sleep habits and other things, and more importantly, start immediately acting upon them. You will have begun the changes that will lead to strength and vitality, an improved appearance and an attractiveness you may not have seen for years. 

While heredity plays a role in how you age, the thing that matters most is the decision you make to BECOME a healthy individual and to take on the lifestyle through repetition. In most cases, it will prove to be more influential in your outcome than just heredity. 

The truth is, the decision is yours to make! 

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Tony Morrison
Tony Morrison

Tony is a Certified Mastery Coach and has been involved in fitness since his teen years and continues to run and workout regularly. He is the founder of and has also had a career as a software engineer for over 30 years. Outside of working and staying in shape, Tony enjoys traveling with his wife (and sometimes his three grown kids), outdoor activities and playing guitar.

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