Happy March! Ready for Change?

Depending on where you live, you may have had a rough winter. Take heart, Spring is only 3 weeks away! While I live in sunny Arizona now, in Illinois where I am from originally, it is overcast most of the days it seemed from about November to sometimes as late as mid-spring. For me, when it got to about this time it was like "BAM!" I was Officially sick of winter and ready for the new season. I wanted to see sunshine and experience nicer, warmer weather again. I was ready for change. Does this happen for you as well?

Every year most people go through something like this. People get to the end of another year and they consider something they want to change. It is usually something like losing weight, making more money, of fixing some relationship. This "whim" comes to them and they make a "resolution" to change. Or like now, Spring is upon us and they want the new "Summer" body.

Most people start off strong but usually peter out and never experience the change they desire. This is because they subconsciously harbor thoughts that run counter to the change they want.  These thoughts evoke primitive emotions, like hopelessness or frustration. This leads to either self-sabotaging actions or lack of action. It becomes a vicious cycle replayed annually until they stop trying, as they have become certain their desire is never to be had.

How would you like to know how to breakthrough and experience the change you desire?

This will happen in one of two ways. You can go through a crisis that jars you into thinking differently, like when a doctor tells you you will die imminently if you don't change. Crisis happens unintentionally and you may or may not be aware of why you really changed. 

We all experience the crisis that appears to force us to change. This was how I was able to make the decision to take charge over my health. My doctor made me aware of my health trajectory and it was completely shocking and unacceptable to me. I decided to change something. Those who are not aware they simply made a new decision might not be able to transfer this to other areas they want to change. 

The other way is for you to learn to consciously examine your thoughts and intentionally decide to replace the limiting thought with an empowered one. This would be the preferred way and often comes as result of an influencing soul, like a coach or teacher, who challenges a limiting thought holding you back. You must obviously be coachable to experience desired change. An advanced application here is realizing that YOU are deciding to change the thought and learning to "coach" yourself. This can be trickier, but once you learn this, you can apply this method to other areas that you would like to change. 

With the Spring season ahead of us, consider the things in your life you would like to change. Examine your thoughts regarding taking charge of your health, determine those that might be holding you back and adopt new empowering thoughts. Do this daily and accept nothing less than what is required for you to accomplish your health goals! 

Please comment below on how you are progressing toward your fitness and weight loss goals.

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If you are struggling in an ongoing effort to lose weight or get back in shape, and looking for a BREAKTHROUGH to taking the necessary steps, I have opened my calendar for a free Accelerator Session, so we can talk about where you are now, what's holding you back, and what are your goals. If it seems we can work together you might even decide to become a client! 

Spring is a time for new beginnings, let's do this!  

Tony Morrison
Tony Morrison

Tony is a Certified Mastery Coach and has been involved in fitness since his teen years and continues to run and workout regularly. He is the founder of Rollbacktimefitness.com and has also had a career as a software engineer for over 30 years. Outside of working and staying in shape, Tony enjoys traveling with his wife (and sometimes his three grown kids), outdoor activities and playing guitar.

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