Getting Back to the Basics

Back in the fall of 2019, not long after moving to Arizona, I realized that my weight had gone from my usual buck 80 to almost to 200 pounds. The bulk of the previous year I had spent preparing for the move so my usual habits were thrown off. I was really feeling it and realized I had to do something.

It did not take me very long to figure out what was happening. I was snacking throughout the day at the office. I was eating out and eating very late on a regular basis. I was going to sleep late and getting up early. The stress of living alone and apart from my wife for the last couple of months was eating at me. And I was not working out consistently.

Most people might have looked at the circumstances and excused themselves. But twenty years ago I made the decision be a healthy active person and this was not going to fly. I knew exactly what I did to get into shape and what I coached others to do.

Green Bay Packers Coach Vince Lombardi met with his team for the start of the 1961 season. Instead of speaking to his team as a group of experienced players who had just gone to the championship the prior season, he did something different. He approached them as if they were brand new to the game, looked them and said, "Gentlemen, this is a football."

He was smart enough to know that the secret to their success was not in learning new tricks and flashy plays, but being solid in the fundamentals of the game.

The same applies to your health. You could try some fancy (probably not so healthy) trick you read in a magazine that some celebrity is doing to cut some weight quickly.  

Or you could see if there is a breakdown in fundamentals:

 Are you allowing something that causes you continual stress to linger?
 Are you consistently getting adequate sleep every night? 
 Are you eating more processed/fried/junk food instead of whole foods?
 Have you started eating dessert food (processed carbs) on a regular basis?
 Have picked up the habit of drinking either sugary or artificially sweetened soft drinks?
 Are you snacking frequently between meals throughout the day?
 Are you eating late into the night and then eating very early in the morning?

Remember that taking ownership of your health is the basis for operating according to these basics.  Take inventory and see if some limiting thought is keeping you from this practice. You can choose to embrace an empowering thought that will allow you to make the progress you are looking for. 

If you decide to practice these fundamentals with consistency, they will eventually become part of your beliefs and eventually your identity as a healthy active individual.

What do you feel is the hardest thing for you in applying the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle? Comment below, let's get that conversation going!

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Tony Morrison
Tony Morrison

Tony is a Certified Mastery Coach and has been involved in fitness since his teen years and continues to run and workout regularly. He is the founder of and has also had a career as a software engineer for over 30 years. Outside of working and staying in shape, Tony enjoys traveling with his wife (and sometimes his three grown kids), outdoor activities and playing guitar.

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