Is staying fit during The Pandemic the issue?

All of us at one time or another have heard the question, "How are you staying fit during the Pandemic?" Whether on social media or in regular conversation this comes up. As I thought about it, the question itself  doesn't seem like the real issue. 

Most of us have regular, periodic times when we  experience lockdown, like from seasonal heat or cold. During those times we may be inclined to live through self-imposed "lockdown" as we probably don't want to go back out into the "Polar Vortex" after getting back into the comfort of home. The real question comes down to how we identify. 

If we consider ourselves to be a health conscious person, the question is moot, unless we are simply trying to find out what other people are doing. We could all use a little variety, right? Unfortunately a lot of people live freaked out about the Pandemic.

Once you have determined that you are going to be healthy no matter what, you will figure out things to do for your workouts. If you don't have an equipped gym at home, you may need a few props to get you through:

A sturdy chair, which can be for balance or doing chair dips
A yoga mat or exercise mat
A few kettlebells or dumbbells of varying weights
Resistance bands are a good space saver vs the weights
Enough room to move around and possibly lie prone.

All in all, with a little imagination for these and maybe a few other props, you will be able to a few resistance workouts, some yoga and some cardio right in a space you carve out in your home. It all comes down to how you view yourself. There is a saying "There is always a solution for the committed." If you are committed to getting this done, no lockdown situation will keep you from doing what you need to do to!

If you enjoyed this post, be sure share it with your friends! If you are struggling in an ongoing effort to lose weight, and fighting what seems to be a losing battle, I have opened my calendar for a free Accelerator Session, so we can talk about where you are now, what's holding you back, and what are your goals. If it seems we can work together you might even decide to become a client! 

Tony Morrison
Tony Morrison

Tony is a Certified Mastery Coach and has been involved in fitness since his teen years and continues to run and workout regularly. He is the founder of and has also had a career as a software engineer for over 30 years. Outside of working and staying in shape, Tony enjoys traveling with his wife (and sometimes his three grown kids), outdoor activities and playing guitar.

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      Congratulations Cousin; will follow up once I get mentally prepared LOL! But love what you are doing and you are a perfect example. So proud of you.

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