I know that many people who are between 40 and 60 have had the fortunate awakening of the desire to regain their overall physical fitness. Whether it is because they took a look in the mirror and saw something they didn’t like or their doctor gave them the big “change or die” ultimatum, I am just happy they did. One thing is for sure, if this is you and it has been many years since you have been involved in a regular exercise program, then you will find a number of aspects of your physical abilities have been diminished. Maybe there is “more to love”. Either way, there is work to do and you can get it back again. While you won’t be twenty again, with the right effort you can regain a quality of life that you haven’t thought possible for a long time.

About six months ago I was in great physical condition until going on a five mile run that left me unable to walk. The podiatrist told me that I would need to have a heel spur removed if I wanted to run pain free again. Then after being laid up for weeks and unable to get a good workout for months, I found myself in a position that many people are in after not exercising for a while. When I did my first workout I found out that I had lost quite a bit of strength, especially in my lower legs. I couldn’t even walk a half mile let alone run. My left shoulder was strained and the right one was frozen with virtually no internal or external rotation. I could just barely reach my butt cheek with my right hand and that was painful. Talk about a rude awakening! So like anyone who hasn’t worked out for a long time, this was going to be a process that was going to take time.

To develop endurance in my leg, I entered the step contest at the office where we had to do 10000 steps per day. It was a slow start but eventually I was able to get the steps in. It may be several more months but I will keep developing my strength back until I can run again. The range of motion in my shoulders and arms needed some work so I spent several weeks with exercise bands attached to the Smith rack working my rotator cuffs and doing some simple yoga moves to stretch out a little. The range of motion is increasing and I am gaining strength in my shoulders again. Its only a matter of time before I am lifting heavy and moving fast again.

The truth is, if this is you, kind of out of shape from not exercising for years, you too can get it back again. But just like me you will need to take your time. After getting the clearance from your doctor, consider working to get your proper range of motion back and learning proper form. It sounds slow, but this start-up time is crucial. If you are willing to start slow and continue to increase the intensity of your workouts over time, you will lose weight, gain strength and experience better health. You will find part of your lost youth and you will experience an increased quality of life. You can find it again!

Tony Morrison
Tony Morrison

Tony is a Certified Mastery Coach and has been involved in fitness since his teen years and continues to run and workout regularly. He is the founder of Rollbacktimefitness.com and has also had a career as a software engineer for over 30 years. Outside of working and staying in shape, Tony enjoys traveling with his wife (and sometimes his three grown kids), outdoor activities and playing guitar.

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